Friday, 7 January 2011

Amanda Francis

My work is always shifting and I have learnt to embrace these changes as part of its ‘being’ in the world.  The subject has morphed from a preoccupation with identity to musings on community and belonging.  In many ways the current shift (which on the surface looks unrelated) tries to make sense of these previous concerns by thinking about them abstractly.

One realisation was the continuous nature of the identification process itself, and in turn the instability of the structures formed by these fluid entities. This inevitably produces new constellations, new forms which all require effort to nurture and understand.

Starting on a micro level and in the spirit of science, I’m considering ‘Black’ as a cultural construct abstracted from its source; constantly evolving in relation to new temporal and environmental conditions.


1. Untitled Black Series (installation view) Ink, Paper, steel, Perspex,

2 - 4. Untitled Black Series (Details)


  1. In the back-lit artwork, I think it might be interesting to consider the use of water and its movements in time. ie. How the relationship between water and time exists in nature, through different experiments and different way of recording it. Also, because it's lit, and with the use of black ink the work reminds me of an x-ray image - an analysis of the water and the 'blackness'. Perhaps suggests something embodied in the scientific/medical field? Just a thought.

  2. Great to see this project working out. through consistency everything begins to distinguish itself from the traffic (re both Amanda's work and Louise's project)
    Paul x

  3. Thanks for your comments... yes I also regard the lightbox as a scientific device and the drawings as x-rays: the science invoking enlightenment and knowledge. The splashes for me (and this may sound predictable) are more about expression – gesture bounded by the ideal of rationalising action. Things take time to ruminate for me but from the gut, your suggestion perhaps takes it too far down the scientific route, but I will definitely give it more thought. If you look at my blog, you will see the journey so far. It was more overtly a sociological enquiry. This way of thinking is almost like a shadow, which is still following me. The X-ray is a snapshot, which infers a kind of stasis – it is frustrating and I realise that things need to start ‘moving’ again…

  4. Carali's mention of time in nature is It's interesting in relation to these images. Although they appear to be a moment in 'stasis' there is also a sense of action and speed, something with energy which is in fact 'moving'. It's good to be able to see your developments over the past year on your blog, it makes me aware of how studio activities and ruminations eventually find a form then release back to thoughts, gestures and reveries once again. and so on...