Sunday, 5 June 2011

Flore Nové-Josserand

Locus Focus, a domestic show.
I invited 2 friends to collaborate with me towards a group show which would take place in my living room. We had the space, and we were curious about testing artwork against a living space. How does artwork stand in a 'real' context, outside of the rarefied atmosphere of the white cube/artists' studio (which is designed with the white cube in mind)/industrial warehouse (whose grime and cables have become invisible, a new exhibition convention)? What is it that distinguishes artwork from tailored design? How might daily experiences be modified by taking place in an art work? These are some of the questions that we were trying to address. 

We gave ourselves a week to come up with an intervention that would culminate in one showing, one vernissage event. As such, the art interventions were designed as a context to this event: I made some wall paintings, a table arrangement and some low stools, Sylvain hung some handprinted T-shirts and Annabela contributed a very discreet postcard. People came over. We had some drinks, some food. We talked until late.

It was awkward and pleasant at the same time.
After this inauguration, the room changed little, some furniture came back, the artwork stayed. We had a few guests stay over. We couldn't bring ourselves to put anything up on the walls.