Friday, 10 December 2010

Paul Burgess

I am primarily an illustrator and art educator. Recently my work has been going through a transitional stage towards more freedom of form and function. I work with collage and use often nostalgic imagery to create portraiture with a contemporary edge. This new work contains more of a dark parody and effacement of the subject. 

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jaye Ho

Here are three photos of pill box bunkers in Surrey with fireworks being set off inside the structure. I like the fact that fireworks give off the same effect as military weaponry, as well as being very decorative and frivolous. I also like the idea of the bunker being a target as opposed to being a safe haven. This idea links in with my Nesst installation in Krakow, where the video projector shoots light out of one of the gun emplacement slits. This was a collaboration with Mordant Music, where MisinforMation, Ian's commission for the BFI was projected onto a screen at the opposite end of the room. As this is a finished piece you can see more images on my website

Lastly there is a photo of my back garden during fireworks night. Nothing is set up (apart from the pumpkin) and I like this image because I realize how quirky my back garden must look to other people. It looks very much like a stage set. I took this photo right after the fireworks had gone off, hence the smoke inside the shed (which is my studio).

1. Pillbox bunker fireworks no 1, 2, and 3
2. The Nesst, The Hidden at Unsound Festival Krakow
3. Fireworks night in my back garden