Friday, 12 November 2010

Sam Basu

Treignac Projet 2010 Archive. 
1. International Cabaret Cycle. 
2. July Video Coalition. 
3. New International School evolution. 
4. Projects October 2010

Technique and material:
A4, paper mounted on card. Some with folds to give shallow depth, some direct onto card. Hand tracing of printout through carbon paper of groups and individual names.
The diagrams represent real groups that I have been involved in creating or work with through the artist run project Treignac Projet. I am not presenting the formations of the groups as my work; this leads to too many problems in relation to the other people involved in the collaborations. Instead, I was thinking of them as an archive of the evolving groups, and as a file record. (Four simple ones like the 3rd image down, were used as secondary gallery commentary (and not as official art ) in a show that work from some of these groups was shown in. )
I think they have the quality of sketches and notes, perhaps there is something educational about them, perhaps a little sci-fi?


  1. There is something sci-fi about them, like plans pointing to a possible other future, made up of simple elements and secret codes... the geometry and symmetry remind me of some of Louise Bourgeois drawings ( which are on my mind at the moment).
    I like the way there seems to be a gentle attempt at creating some order out of what happens organically and with an element of chance-working partnerships etc.
    Even though you say they are a record of things past do you think they could influence a future project? Maybe there's a some kind of storyboard for a video there? Or a design for a room of related objects?

  2. yes, This consideration of imagining possibilities trough sci-fi-not just as a fantasy device-is attractive. in this way there is a connection perhaps to El Lissitzky and his Prouns? I like his idea of goal-oriented creation, and very much liked the take on him that Alasdair Duncan is developing. He sees Lissiztski's work as an art made for and understandable by only a liberated society. I am not yet making those sorts of claims, but you never know. :) But certainly I am concerned with groups and how they might and might not function. Functionalist group dynamics?
    The question of what to do with the drawings:
    Yes that seems very possible, the relation to a video object through story board, or perhaps as architectural model: The architecture of a film perhaps? Ironically a lot of the groups in the drawings are experimenting with video as their working platform, so it may be a way to proceed.
    Luckily I have the luxury of space and I am thinking of building an archive room here, perhaps I will organise it through the drawings. It would be great to invent a new filing system that worked. 3D hexagonal matrix system? I'm going to look filing up on wiki.

  3. There's probably much to be gained from using a fling system as a device for artistic practice! I would love more order and less chaos!
    Louise Bourgeois ( sorry to mention her again) claimed that she used geometry in her work because she found it 'comforting' which I don't think would be the case with Lissiztski. His use of geometry in the Prouns would be about empowerment towards a new utopia...
    I'm interested in the possible gender specifics within futurism and sci-fi, is that something you think about when ordering groups/ sketches/plans?